Red Clay

Getting to Know Us

Red Clay is a caravan broker based in Mudgee, New South Wales, and we can help you get any caravan that you need regardless of the brand. If you are planning to buy a caravan, you need to fully understand everything about caravans as well as what you need in the caravan you want to get. At Red Clay, we can help you buy as well as sell caravans of all kinds. We provide professional, honest, and personal service, which ensures that the client gets the best possible results. When we sell caravans, we ensure that it is sold at the best possible prices and when buying on your behalf, we make sure we go for the best prices and the most suitable caravans available.

When looking for a caravan broker that you can count on to assist you in getting the best and most suitable caravan for your adventure, you don’t have to look any further than us. Not only do we help clients to get the caravans they need, but we also provide other related services, such as assisting them with caravan finance by connecting them to suitable lenders. The same thing goes for insurance as we have an extensive network of insurance companies in New South Wales that we can connect clients in need of insurance with.


At Red Clay, we value reputable brand names because we know that it represents established quality. We have access to top caravan manufacturers such as Jayco caravans, New Age Caravans, Market Direct, Black Series, and Avida. All these brands represent the finest of caravan design and manufacturing in Australia, and we can help you get any of them.

Experienced and Qualified Personnel

Our team are qualified professionals with years of experience in the industry, and you can count on us to secure the best deal for you. We understand the industry and are also very familiar with the latest developments. So when you come to us, what you get is up to date recommendations and advice. We guide you to make the best decision when it comes to buying a caravan. We know how to source the best caravans for you.

Wide Network of Suppliers

When it comes to getting you the caravan you want, we boast of a wide network of suppliers through which we can help you get the RV you want. Our suppliers are spread all over Australia, which means we can get you a caravan from any part of the country. While we are based in New South Wales, our services are available nationwide, and you too, can take advantage of them.