Red Clay

Let us help your sell your caravan

As Caravan brokers, we do not just assist you in getting a caravan; we also help you to sell your caravan. If you have any caravan you will like to sell; we can help you to sell it at the best prices. We have helped hundreds of clients to sell their caravans at the best rate. Selling a caravan by yourself can be quite tricky, but if you let us handle it for you, you can be assured of the best outcomes.

There are two ways you can go about selling your caravan; one is to sell the caravan by yourself. This is a choice you might already be familiar with even though you have never tested it. However, when you give it a try, you realise it is not as simple as it looks and perhaps not even the best way to go.  Unless you are a salesperson who is used to dealing with people in the trade, you might have the processes involved to be a headache. You will have to deal with unserious buyers, meet new people who want to inspect the caravan before buying, bargain with people, advertise, and many others. At the end of the day, the sale is one long process of getting tired before you find the perfect buyer.

But you don’t really have to go through that much stress to sell your caravan, you can just let us handle the sale process for you, and you can be confident that it would turn out to be very great. As caravan brokers, Red Clay is experienced when it comes to the caravan and RV industry, and we have facilitated hundreds of transactions. Letting us handle it takes all the burden off you, and as professionals, you can be sure we will get you the best deal no matter what.

The process of consigning your caravan to us for sale is a simple one. You just need to bring the caravan over, and from that point forward, everything is in our hands. We evaluate your caravan to determine its value, and if anything requires fixing or cleaning in it, we send it over for fixing and cleaning while you bear the cost of that. Once we have determined the caravan’s actual worth, we draft an agreement on how much we should sell it, our commission, and where we should deposit the money after the sale. Once this is done, you can leave your caravan with us and let us handle the sale.

With our wide network within the industry, we can easily and quickly find a buyer for your caravan, and we also free up space in your garage. The only cost you will bear while the caravan is with us is that of insurance. We ensure we get your caravan sold within the shortest time possible.