Red Clay

Get Supreme caravans through us

Over three decades of designing and manufacturing durable and reliable caravans have earned this brand a solid reputation. Their caravans are built for any road and designed to suit any traveller’s demands. It has established itself for its quality, and this is what you stand to gain when you order its product.

It makes use of premium materials to produce its caravans. If you have ever wished to explore the country and see all it has to offer, Supreme Caravans give you the freedom you need to do that. It has an extensive range of luxury and quality caravans suitable for on-road and off-road travelling.

The range is truly impressive with available models of caravans, including Executive, Classic, Spirit, Territory, and Base Camp. The purpose and travelling needs will determine which one you go to first, and at Red Clay, we can help you pick the best for you. As brokers, we are dedicated to helping you make a great choice.

Whether you want a new Supreme Caravans RV or you want a used one, we can help you get either, so you don’t have to worry about the fact that you can’t afford a new one. There are used caravans of these brands capable of delivering top performance regardless.

Why Get Supreme Caravans Through Us

Variety in Options

The fact that you already know the brand of caravan you want doesn’t guarantee that you will get the most suitable for you.  There are always so many models available within the brand product. In most cases, it is the purpose of the caravan that will determine what you go for. But you might find yourself confused, especially if you have no experience in caravans. When you let us handle the purchase of your caravan for you, you can be sure that you will have several options available to you. From the several models available to you to whether you will get a new caravan or a used one, your options are unlimited.

Value For Money

When you use a broker to get a caravan, it is because you want the best deal. This is what you get when you let Red Clay handle your caravan purchase.  We make sure that we seek the best deal for you and get that caravan at the most affordable cost. With us, there are hidden charges. We make sure we negotiate the best deal possible for you. Whether you are getting a new one or a used one, we make sure we get you full value for any amount you pay for that deal. Red Clay possesses industry knowledge that helps us relate with the seller as an expert, and you can expect us to broker the best deal for you.

Suitable for your Purpose

If you are getting a caravan, you are definitely making a major investment, and we are determined to help you make the best decision. Once you decide on the brand you are getting, our consultation with you focuses on knowing what you will be using the caravan for, how many people use it, and any other necessary details to help you get the right caravan.